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Asheville's female entrepreneurs unite for collaborative influencer activation event

Nov 14, 2023 07:34PM ● By WNC Business
ASHEVILLE –  In a celebration of the female entrepreneurship community in Asheville, 15 woman-owned small businesses joined forces to host a collaborative influencer activation event at The Restoration Hotel downtown. The event, held in anticipation of the upcoming holiday shopping season, aimed to foster collaboration, create engaging content, and generate buzz for the e-commerce brands participating in Small Business Saturday and Black Friday promotions.

The group of brands, including Botanical Bones, Darë Vegan Cheese, Everyday Oil, Folk Saints, Legally Addictive Foods, Matcha Nude, Moonlight Makers, Pirani, Poppy Popcorn, Single Double Pickleball, Sittos Hummus, Sarilla, Soulku, Runnerbox, and There There, showcased their unique products and experiences including everything from CPG, sports, wellness, and lifestyle. Each brand had the opportunity to connect with local influencers and media, sharing their stories and building excitement for the upcoming holiday season.

The collaborative effort was a testament to the creativity and innovation of these women-led businesses and also showcased the strong network they have built through the Venture Asheville Elevate mentorship program. Many of the participating brands have benefited from the program, which played a pivotal role in bringing them together for this memorable event.

Venture Asheville, a supporter of local entrepreneurship, further demonstrated its commitment by sponsoring the bar at the event. This support allowed attendees to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere while fostering connections and celebrating the strength of Asheville's female entrepreneurship community.

“You just don’t find this level of collaboration in other markets," said Jeff Kaplan, Executive Director of Venture Asheville. "The way founders support founders here is unique to Asheville, and is the secret sauce that allows our companies and our startups to consistently punch above our weight, exceed expectations, and outpace other cities”

As the holiday season approaches, the collaborative spirit exhibited at this influencer activation event is sure to resonate with consumers, encouraging them to shop locally and support the vibrant community of female entrepreneurs in Asheville.

About Venture Asheville:
Venture Asheville is the high-growth entrepreneurship initiative of the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Our work centers on catalyzing Asheville’s high-growth entrepreneurial ecosystem and connecting entrepreneurs with startup funding, mentors and talent to scale their ventures.

About The Restoration Hotel:
Located on Patton Avenue, this new downtown Asheville boutique hotel is inspired by the free-spirited culture of the local community. 

Participating Brands:
Botanical Bones
Darë Vegan Cheese
Everyday Oil
Folk Saints
Legally Addictive Foods
Matcha Nude
Moonlight Makers
Poppy Popcorn
Single Double Pickleball
Sittos Hummus
There There
Source: Botanical Bones