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Appalachian Mountain Brewery announced opening of Trail Marker Coffee Co.

Mar 28, 2024 03:25PM ● By WNC Business

MILLS RIVER – In a blend of craftsmanship, Appalachian Mountain Brewery Taproom introduces a new chapter in its offerings with the arrival of Trail Marker Coffee Co. The coffee trailer is set to make its home right on the grounds of the AMB Taproom located in Mills River with an opening date of April 1st.

Renowned for their award-winning beers and ciders, AMB is venturing into the world of coffee with Trail Marker Coffee Co. Sprouted from a collective passion for outstanding coffee and the mountain lifestyle, Trail Marker’s inspiration stems from guiding the way for coffee enthusiasts, just as well-placed markers guide hikers. Their mission is to be more than just a coffee shop, but rather a vital part of the daily adventure for guests.

Trail Marker Coffee Co. has also partnered with Bald Guy Brewing, located in Boone, sourcing its coffee solely from this esteemed local roastery. With roots deep in the Appalachian Mountains, both entities share a commitment to supporting local businesses and nurturing community connections.

The Trail Marker experience extends beyond coffee, featuring an array of beverages such as teas and smoothies, complete with signature flavors and non-dairy options. Trail Marker will be opening daily, 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The arrival of Trail Marker Coffee Co. marks a momentous occasion for Mills River. This dynamic partnership invites coffee enthusiasts and beer lovers alike to relish in a symphony of flavors, celebrating the fusion of two craft traditions. From pints of beer to cups of coffee, patrons can savor a taste of Boone in every sip.

To learn more about Trail Marker Coffee Co., visit or follow Trail Marker on social media @trailmarkercoffeeco.

About Trail Marker Coffee Co.:
Trail Marker Coffee Co. emerged from a shared love for exceptional coffee and mountain living. Our coffee trailer, in collaboration with Appalachian Mountain Brewery, stands in Mills River, a cozy spot near our home in Asheville, inviting you to embark on a distinctive coffee experience.
Source: Trail Marker Coffee Co.