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Tailored well-being: Crafting a healthier brand image with custom apparel

Feb 01, 2024 07:02PM ● By John Hornsby

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare branding, where strategy meets style, we find powerful stories of transformation. One such story is that of Asheville Periodontics, a local practice that recently dressed up their rebranding journey with an emphasis on custom-branded apparel. This move not only helped revamp their brand identity but also enhanced their team's spirit and patient experience.

Asheville Periodontics: A Case Study in Brand Transformation

Asheville Periodontics, under the leadership of Dr. Goggin, recognized the need to elevate their brand and create a more cohesive and professional appearance. Hornsby Creative had the pleasure of partnering with them to bring their new look to life. Dr. Goggin enthusiastically shared, "We are loving our new logo T's from Peak Promo by Hornsby Creative. They helped us find the perfect color in a soft t-shirt that is comfortable to work with!" 

The strategy? Custom-branded scrubs, caps, T-shirts, and as a special touch, winter jackets and vests for the team.

  • Uniforms That Speak Volumes: The new custom-branded scrubs and caps, adorned with the revamped Asheville Periodontics logo, immediately transformed the team's presence. They created a professional and unified look, making the staff easily identifiable and approachable.

  • A Gesture of Appreciation: Dr. Goggin wanted to go a step further in her rebranding efforts. Understanding the value of her dedicated team, she chose to express her gratitude by gifting them branded winter jackets and vests. These items were not only sporty and stylish but also of such quality that they were received with genuine appreciation.

  • Impact on Patient Experience: New branded attire has an immediate positive effect on patient perceptions. It conveys a message of professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing the overall patient experience and trust in the care provided.

The Role of Custom Merchandise in Brand Evolution

Asheville Periodontics’ story exemplifies the significant role custom-branded merchandise plays in healthcare brand strategy. It's not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that reflects the quality of care and the values of the brand.

  • Brand Visibility: The consistent use of branded merchandise across the team elevates brand recognition, both within the facility and in the community.

  • Team Morale: High-quality, comfortable attire shows the staff that their well-being is a priority, boosting morale and team spirit.

  • Patient Confidence: A well-branded team enhances patients' confidence in the care they receive, contributing to a more positive healthcare experience.

Weaving Success into Healthcare Brands

Asheville Periodontics’ journey with custom-branded merchandise is a testament to the power of thoughtful branding in healthcare. By stitching together the elements of style, comfort, and appreciation, Dr. Goggin has not only elevated her brand but also enriched her team's experience and patient care.

In the intricate weaving of healthcare branding, each thread of custom merchandise adds strength and trust to the overall fabric. If the transformative journey of Asheville Periodontics resonates with you and you're curious about elevating your healthcare brand through custom merchandise, venture over to

At Hornsby Creative Group, we infuse our strategic design expertise into every piece of branded merchandise and apparel we craft, ensuring your promotional efforts resonate with precision and care. Let's collaborate to design a future where your healthcare brand not only stands out but truly sparkles, embodied by a team that wears your brand with pride and prominence.