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It's My Job: Cheyenne Mathews - ALLCHOICE Insurance

Jan 29, 2024 07:02AM ● By Randee Brown

Working with a community-facing business provides a warm working environment for ALLCHOICE Insurance Risk Advisor Cheyenne Mathews.

After graduating from Western Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, Mathews went to work in banking with HomeTrust Bank and Equity Resources before meeting Jared Bellmund, managing partner of Hendersonville’s ALLCHOICE office. While learning about mortgages and insurance from a banking viewpoint, Mathews got to know Bellmund and saw how he conducted business.

“I saw how he valued his character and his morals,” Mathews said. “He has a family-focused philosophy and values his employees. I also met Jack (Wingate, ALLCHOICE President and CEO), and that took it to another level. He cares a lot about his employees and wants them to be in a position to succeed in business and in life.”

Since joining the ALLCHOICE team in 2022, Mathews has worked to advise and educate people about the best way to find the right coverage for the protection they need. By identifying clients’ risks and advising how to best protect against those risks, she helps people discover insurance policies that match their desired budget and value, making sure all the necessary benefits are included in their policies.

Before writing a policy, Mathews does more than collect information from clients. She uses a process of comparing insurance carriers to determine which will best meet her clients’ needs, creates a spreadsheet, and makes a video to let them know all the details about each carrier’s coverage.

“We lay it all out and help people get good knowledge and have a good understanding of which coverage is best for them,” Mathews said. “It’s important to us to make sure people are set up and protected well.”

Mathews strives to relate to clients and understand their “holdups,” and understands why price is so important to so many people. Teaching people the long-term value of an upfront cost while emphasizing her sensitivity to their financial concerns can be tough, but her job is to make sure her clients will be properly taken care of if an accident happens.

To overcome this challenge, Mathews said she operates how her father raised her and conducted business — by putting herself in other people’s shoes.

“I strive to be transparent and come from a place of understanding,” Mathews said. “I’ve talked about how to help save costs personally, and always let my clients know there are a variety of options out there that can work for them.”

Her reward for working through these challenges is hearing people express their satisfaction after she’s helped them find the right solution.

“Knowing the hours it took to prepare everything made them feel cared about feels good to hear,” Mathews said. “They know they are more than just a number, and it feels good to know I’ve helped to make finding the right insurance a stress-free situation.”

In addition to knowing her work genuinely helps her clients, another favorite aspect of Mathews’ job is the community involvement that ALLCHOICE encourages. She said every staff member receives an allocation to help support a nonprofit or cause they are passionate about. Mathews sits on the board at Hope Coalition, and is actively involved in the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce and the Fletcher Area Business Association, both of which encourage relationship building throughout the community.

Mathews also works as an assistant coach with the Henderson High School softball team, a nod to her own journey as a collegiate athlete playing softball for the WCU Catamounts. Her goal as a coach is to remove negative perceptions of collegiate athletics, making sure students have the mental confidence to know they are more than just athletes and they have healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the stress and pressure that come with performance.

“I want to make sure kids know they are more than just a win for their team,” Mathews said. “It’s their impact on the world that’s important."

Cheyenne Mathews is a Risk Advisor at ALLCHOICE Insurance. Learn more at