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CFO Consultants announces new ownership

Oct 27, 2023 10:02AM ● By WNC Business
Benjamin Wann, CMA, CSCA, MBA, PMP, CPA, is the new owner of Asheville accounting firm CFO Consultants, LLC, which operates with a team of 11 individuals. In addition, Ben is the owner of, as well as the owner of

Originally from the Philadelphia region and coming from a 10-year career providing insights to executives of mid-sized manufacturing firms, Ben transitioned to entrepreneurship full-time in Nov 2022. Ben's thesis is that the small business community needs the same expertise, technology and know-how that the large organizations have to help accelerate their own businesses.

Small business owners have found that some CPA or bookkeeping firms provide too little, too late, to help them make smart business decisions. Ben is passionate about supporting the small business community with end-to-end specialized services that help business owners understand their financials and gain the expertise they need to thrive.

Source: CFO Consultants