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Diana Blackett and Caleb Parsons join team at Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Oct 26, 2023 08:00AM ● By WNC Business
The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed two additions to its team - Diana Blackett and Caleb Parsons, who joined at the beginning of October. Both Diana and Caleb have brought their unique expertise to the Economic Development Team.

Blackett's role as Workforce Partnership Specialist involves establishing relationships, creating partnerships, and building a sense of community while promoting upward employment mobility and fostering economic prosperity for Western North Carolina residents. Her diverse background spans various industries, and she is an alum and a recognized emerging leader in WNC with the Diversity and Engagement Coalition. Blackett is currently pursuing a degree in organizational psychology and human resources SRHM certification. Her commitment to addressing workforce challenges through an objective and equitable lens makes her a valuable asset to this team.

Blackett's personal interests range from all things plants and HGTV to nature walks, yoga, and meditation. She's an enthusiastic wellness advocate who enjoys organizing homes and wardrobes, spending time with her daughter, grand dog, family, and friends. 

Parsons's role as a Research Analyst involves collecting data and creating graphics for research projects, as well as assisting the Heidi, our Senior Director of Research, in fulfilling research requests. He plays a crucial role in planning and organizing events like the annual Metro Economy Outlook and Metro Growth Breakfast. Parsons's educational journey includes a B.A. in History from Emory University, and he's currently pursuing an MBA at Western Carolina University. He brings previous experience from a local marketing startup, LoLo (Locals Supporting Locals).

In his free time, Parsons enjoys soccer, exercise, yoga, camping, backpacking, reading, and journaling.