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AdventHealth announces sponsorship of Ecusta Trail

Oct 19, 2023 04:43PM ● By WNC Business

HENDERSONVILLE – AdventHealth Hendersonville is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Ecusta Trail, a pivotal initiative aimed at promoting community health and well-being in Western North Carolina.

The dream of the Ecusta Trail is becoming a reality and will transform the unused Ecusta rail line into a rail trail connecting people to the communities and countryside along the 19-mile, multi-use greenway. AdventHealth’s sponsorship of this project aligns with its promise to provide whole-person – body, mind and spirit – both inside and outside its health facilities across the region.

AdventHealth will partner with Conserving Carolinas and the Friends of Ecusta Trail to encourage families across our community to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness and environmental stewardship. 

Some of the positive impacts of greenway projects, like the Ecusta Trail, include*: 

  • Every $1 spent on greenways returns $3 annually in health care savings. 

  • The trail will provide more opportunities to exercise, resulting in longer, healthier lives. On average, every one hour of exercise leads to two hours of additional life. 

  • Exercise in nature supports mental and emotional wellbeing. It relieves stress, reduces depression, eases social isolation, and enhances self-esteem. 

  • Shared outdoor spaces bring people from different walks of life together, creating stronger social cohesion. 

  • Greenways are networks for alternative transportation, so people can get around without driving. This means less air pollution, less traffic, and better health. 

"AdventHealth Hendersonville is thrilled to partner with the Ecusta Trail and invest in the well-being of our community," said Brandon Nudd, President and Chief Executive Officer for AdventHealth Hendersonville. "As a faith-based, not-for-profit hospital, we are blessed to be able to use the money we earn through patient care to reinvest in our community with projects like this that improve the health of our neighbors and preserve the beautiful natural surroundings of this region we call home. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have now and into the future."

The sponsorship agreement is a demonstration of AdventHealth’s continued commitment to community engagement and support. By aligning with the Ecusta Trail, AdventHealth reaffirms its mission to provide not only world-class health care services but also to be a catalyst for positive change in the communities it serves.

"We are deeply grateful to AdventHealth for this exceptional leadership gift toward the Ecusta Trail. They are truly living out their commitment to health and well-being by investing in a trail that will create opportunities for physical exercise, connection with nature, and time with family, friends, and neighbors,” said Kieran Roe, executive director of Conserving Carolina. ‘We hope that other community members will be inspired by their example to support the trail, so it will soon be open for everyone to enjoy."

Conserving Carolina and the Friends of the Ecusta Trail have worked together to make the vision of a greenway meandering through the natural beauty of Western North Carolina a reality. In 2019, an opportunity arose to buy the land. 

“On behalf of the Friends of Ecusta Trail we would like to thank AdventHealth for supporting the construction of the trail. Their generous gift and continued support of initiatives like this as well as their contributions to the economy and well-being of WNC are to be commended,” said Mark Tooley, President of Friends of the Ecusta Trail. 

Calling AdventHealth’s sponsorship an investment in a generational asset, Tooley goes on to explain the hospital’s support and the pledges of community members have helped the Friends of Ecusta trail leverage many millions of dollars in grants that will be used to construct the trail. Partnerships, like the one with AdventHealth, will allow the Friends of Ecusta Trail to not only build the trail but also maintain and enhance the user experience for years to com. Tooley adds, “We look forward to a continued relationship with AdventHealth and others to fulfill this duty.”

To learn more about the Ecusta Trail visit the Friends of the Ecusta Trail website

*Source: Help Build the Ecusta Trail! - Conserving Carolina

About AdventHealth Hendersonville: 
Founded in 1910, AdventHealth Hendersonville is dedicated to meeting the health care needs of our growing communities, providing high-quality, compassionate, not-for-profit care in a Christian environment. 
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