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Caldwell County partners with ICGH Treatment Center

Sep 19, 2023 04:17PM ● By WNC Business

The Caldwell County Board of Commissioners recently approved a partnership with ICGH Treatment Center to help combat the opioid crisis in the county. 

“We are going to lose an entire generation to the overdose crisis. More people now than at any point in the 20-plus years of the opioid crisis are dying. And there are two crises that are going on, one is overdose and the other is suicide,” said Dr. Corey Richardson, ICGH CEO and Clinical Director. 

To help combat the crisis, IGCH gives people access to holistic, evidence-based addiction recovery and mental health services. The treatment center uses a 12-step facilitation model, and incorporates different interventions around social support, medication, counseling, transportation, and housing. 

“We know there’s another step in getting folks help, and we believe ICGH offers the services we need,” said Caldwell County Board of Commission Chairman Randy Church. 

ICGH's approach spans from tailored recovery housing to medication-assisted treatment and counseling, encompassing effective models such as 12-step facilitation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).  

A recent SAMHSA-funded project showcased ICGH's effectiveness. IGCH served 60% more clients than another provider, with 89.7% reducing or eliminating opioid use. Additionally, ICGH recorded only 95 positive drug screens, averaging 0.9 per individual, substantially lower than the other provider.    

“We bring federal dollars when we participate on the county level. We have federal treatment grant dollars as well as community intervention dollars,” said Richardson.

Funded by grants and prioritizing inclusivity, ICGH makes its services available to all, including uninsured individuals, through both telehealth and in-person. 

ICGH will operate out of the county’s Health Department to streamline access to comprehensive care and amplify collaboration, ensuring patients receive more holistic, coordinated, and efficient services. This collaboration promises Caldwell County residents comprehensive, streamlined, and efficient care, demonstrating the county's dedication to community wellbeing.  

To reach IGCH, call 828-322-5915 or visit