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Jackson County Chamber to host 100th anniversary party

Sep 11, 2023 03:45PM ● By WNC Business
The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 100th anniversary/birthday in 2023. Come join us for free birthday cake (while supplies last) on Tuesday, Oct. 10 from 3:00 - 5:30 PM at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, located in the Historic Hooper House at 773 West Main Street, Sylva.

To celebrate its centennial anniversary, the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Historic Hooper House Preservation Foundation are teaming up to offer visitors, locals, businesses, non-profits, and other organizations two opportunities to support both entities.

The first opportunity is to purchase engraved paver bricks. These bricks will be offered in three sizes (4x8 inches, 8x8 inches, and 12x12 inches) at different price points ($225, $350 and $500) with options to purchase with text only or both logos and text recognizing military service, collegiate affiliation, business logos, and more. There are examples of each brick size at the chamber if anyone would like to see them in person.

The engraved pavers will be installed on the southeast side of the chamber/Hooper House lawn on Main Street in Sylva. This is a central hub of the largest town in Jackson County and home of its largest visitor center. The Chamber welcomes thousands of visitors each year, so the visibility of the pavers will be immeasurable. This is a perfect opportunity to recognize a loved one, your business or organization, a pet, a family, or anyone for years to come at one of Jackson County’s most visited spots.

The chamber is located directly in front of the historic Jackson County Courthouse, which is reputed to be the most photographed courthouse in NC. The Chamber plans to make the final landscape of the paver project an area for picnics, reading, relaxing, and potentially Chamber gatherings with music, markets, and more.

Profits from engraved paver sales will help the Chamber and Hooper House Preservation Foundation address and sustain several maintenance needs at a time of rising building and material costs.

“Stanberry Insurance is so excited to support the Hooper House Preservation Foundation’s Paver project,” said Kevin Stanberry, a Hooper House Preservation Foundation Board Member, past Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Board Member, and proud current chamber member. “What an amazing way to support the work that Julie and her team do every day for the businesses of Jackson County, and on top of that, kicking off the 100 year celebration of our Chamber! I couldn’t think of a more perfect place for our chamber to be housed than the Hooper House, and this paver project will help make sure it stays there for years to come!”

Visit this link to order a personalized brick paver online:

The second opportunity to help support and celebrate the chamber’s 100th anniversary is to become a Patron chamber member. This year, the chamber is offering a “100 for 100 for 100” promotion for anyone to become a Patron chamber member. The goal is to sign up 100 new Patron chamber members for a $100 annual membership fee to celebrate 100 years of the chamber. Patron members have many of the same benefits that other business and organization members have.

Visit this link to become a Patron Chamber member online:

“Please help us reach our engraved paver and patron goal so we can continue to keep one of Jackson County’s most historic landmarks shining for 100 more years and beyond,” said Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Julie Donaldson. “The Chamber (501c6) and Hooper House Preservation Foundation (501c3) are both non-profit entities. We hope you’ll consider helping us continue helping Jackson County. It’s a perfect opportunity to put your stamp on Jackson County and support a worthwhile cause. We thank you in advance for your supportive consideration.”

The deadline to order an engraved paver or to become a Patron chamber member is December 31, 2023.

For more information, please contact the chamber at 828-586-2155, email the chamber  at [email protected], visit the website at, or stop by the office at 773 West Main Street, in Sylva.

Please RSVP for the 100th birthday party on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023 from 3:00 -5:30 PM by 5 PM on Tuesday, October 3 so we know how much cake to provide. RSVP by calling 828-586-2155 or emailing [email protected].

Source: Jackson County Chamber of Commerce