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Daisy and Sunflower Award Winners announced

Aug 06, 2023 05:58PM ● By WNC Business

The Daisy Award is given to nurses who demonstrate excellence in patient care while displaying the values of compassion, courage, and integrity. During the past year nurses across Appalachian Regional Healthcare System were nominated for this award, which was given to three nurses this week.

ARHS Daisy Winners are Rachel Crawford, RN (Watauga Medical Center); Traci Barnett, LPN (Cannon Memorial Hospital); and Jason Taylor, LPN (Appalachian Regional Behavioral Health Hospital).

Sunflower Awards, which are designated for other clinical staff, were awarded Paige Miller (CMH); Chad Burman (ARBH); and a tie between Mykala Cook (WMC) and Alanis Herbst (WMC).

Daisy Winner
Rachel Crawford, RN
Watauga Medical Center
Rachel has worked in the Birthing Center since 2018. She was nominated by a patient, who said “Rachel is the most amazing nurse. She was so attentive to me and my baby. Anything we mentioned Rachel was speedy and on top of it. We were blessed to have her care for us.”

Angela Farthing, Director of Nursing for the Birthing Center, said of Rachel: “We are so blessed to have Rachel Crawford as part of our Birthing Center team. Rachel has a contagious smile, laugh and personality! She always comes to work with a positive attitude and sees the good in others. Rachel gives exceptional care to her patients and the family unit. Families are excited for her to come back for her next shift. Patients often speak of Rachel saying, ‘we don’t have to ask for anything, because she is always one step ahead and knows what we need before we ask. She makes us feel so special, like we are the only family here.’ Rachel is consistently an excellent nurse who demonstrates excellence through her clinical expertise and compassionate care! She is truly our DAISY.”

Daisy Award
Traci Barnett, LPN
Cannon Memorial Hospital
Traci was nominated by staff and patients. She has worked for Appalachian Regional Healthcare System for 26 years and most of that time has been on nightshift.
“Traci takes excellent care of her patients. We had an elderly patient with no family around, the patient kept talking about southern cooking, soup beans and fried potatoes, and cornbread. On her day off Traci, made these home cooked vegetables and drove 25 miles to bring this to the patient. Traci sat and visited with the patient while they ate the good food,” said Christy Ollis Nursing Manager. “Traci is often buying clothing out of her pocket for patients who need a little extra help and she is called an angel by many patients. She is an asset to our Unit at CMH and a role model for all.”

Daisy Award
Jason Taylor, LPN
Appalachian Regional Behavioral Health Hospital
Jason began working at ARBH when it opened in 2021 and has been great in helping get the unit up and running. He was nominated by his co-workers and several patients. Some of them said: “Jason gives nothing but selfless, diligent and kind-hearted care.” “He is always patient and amiable in his patient care even in the face of adversity.” One co-worker said, “I would have Jason as my nurse any day.”

 Sunflower Winner

Paige Miller
Cannon Memorial Hospital
Paige is very helpful with any task she is given. She approaches challenging tasks with grace and dignity while making patients feel comfortable.

Sunflower Winner
Chad Burman
Appalachian Regional Behavioral Health
Chad is an ARBH Tech and was nominated by 22 different patients. Words about Chad from patients include: “Exceptional, kind, diligent in his duties.” “Chad is willing to listen without judgement.”
One of his coworkers stated: “Chad is very impressive in the way he handled a very difficult patient, Chad follows the rules and makes patients feel safe and secure.”

Sunflower Winners
Tied: Mykala Cook & Alanis Herbst
Watauga Medical Center
If you have someone you would like to nominate for the Daisy or Sunflower Award, click here to complete a nomination form.

If you have someone you would like to nominate for the Daisy or Sunflower Award, click here to complete a nomination form.

Source: Appalachian Regional Healthcare System