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Marion announces 2023 Small Business of the Year

Jun 13, 2023 09:01AM ● By WNC Business
In late 2016 the Rodrigues brothers, Daniel, Brandi and Leroy, took a leap of faith and opened a small food truck, available at various locations in Marion.

They soon realized the demand for their take Mexican authentic food far exceeded their food truck capacity. They reached out to the Marion Business Association to see what resources were available to grow their business. They enrolled in the next GEM class and created a business plan to expand into a brick and mortar location. Soon after completing the GEM class, a downtown deli lunch spot became available. It was located in a prime location and was the perfect place to grow their business. They opened in June of 2017 and Burrito Bros was an instant success!

The business grew to meet the customer demand and in a few years they realized they needed a larger location. Working with Todd Miller and GEM Constructors, they found a larger space in the Miller Business Complex, more than doubling the seating capacity and kitchen space. They moved into the space in the spring of 2022.

Burrito Bros now had the dream kitchen that would serve both the restaurant and their catering business. Daniel designed the kitchen to suit their unique needs. Using local artisans and craftsmen they brought the vibe they feel best pairs with their modern menu of old favorites. Fresh, quality ingredients including handmade tortillas give the boldest flavor every time.

Marion Business Association is proud to recognize Burrito Bros as the 2023 Marion Business of the Year. Daniel and Brandi Rodrigues and Leroy Rodrigues.

Source: Marion Business Association