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Introducing the Entrepreneur Resilience Summit

Feb 08, 2023 09:31AM ● By WNC Business

Entrepreneurship can be a challenging and unpredictable path, and it's common to face setbacks, challenges, and failures along the way. Being resilient can help you cope in a healthy and productive way and can help you bounce back from failures and continue pursuing your goals. Resilience can also help you stay focused and motivated and can enable you to adapt to changes and challenges as they arise.  As we look into 2023 and beyond, unpredictability in the market is going to be the standard, so to best prepare our businesses for a constant state of change, we need to be resilient. 

Brought to you by Venture Asheville - join us on Wednesday, March 29th for an encouraging one-day summit designed for the founder, their team and for their venture.  We will be joined by keynote speakers, author Brad Stulberg, and former general manager of New Belgium, Jay Richardson, along with founders who lead the best company cultures and those who will share their personal stories of resilience.  In addition, area resources will be avaialble to answer a broad spectrum of questions during the open networking time.

Each ticket includes admission for one person to all sessions, morning coffee, box lunch and a Pockitudes journal.

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Source: Venture Asheville