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Mental and Physical Motivation

Jan 21, 2023 10:22AM ● By Randee Brown

Tim Polis encourages people to surround themselves with motivation. He does a 60-second leadership radio segment on Henderson County’s 95.3 WTZQ every Monday at 5:15 PM. “Even these brief moments can spark a fire under someone and have a lasting effect,” Polis said. “There is no fluff but all tools that can get thoughts out of your head and into reality, encouraging greater self-awareness and greater business strategy.”

In one such radio moment, Polis discussed The Mighty Four of leadership tips:

  • Make a decision: No matter what it is, just make it.
  • Set the pace: Create a deadline, real or fake, then work backwards to set the pace.
  • Walk it out: Movement encourages motivation and discipline, leading to guts and determination.
  • Don’t look back: There’s nothing there to get stuck on; learn from the past and keep going. 

Polis also emphasized the importance of putting your physical body first. “You’ve got to feel good to do good,” he said. “You need to be strong enough for life.” Polis compared taking care of your body to taking care of your car. “Put high-performance products into your high-performance body and you will see a difference.”

As far as exercise is concerned, Polis said to ask yourself some simple questions to get down to the root of your excuses. “If you can do one squat, one push-up, and one second holding a plank for each year of your age, that’s going to have you on a positive track to feeling good in your body,” he said. How dedicated you are now determines how fun you can be later. Don’t wait until you retire to decide to get into shape. It will likely be a lot tougher to get there then.”