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Appalachian Regional Healthcare System partners with Senior Care Services

Jan 03, 2023 08:29AM ● By WNC Business

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System is partnering with Senior Care Services to promote wellness communication and improved patient outcomes. Those identified patients will receive letters introducing this new service, along with a call to participate in the Senior Care Program.

Senior Care Services is a medical practice specializing in remote Tele-Health services for medical practices around the country. They perform medical records updating, medication reconciliations, and pre-Annual Wellness Visits documentation.

The Senior Care program is designed to reach out to patients to identify care gaps, new diagnoses, and opportunities to improve care and review existing conditions that may be present in the patient’s Electronic Medical Records or have fallen off the patient’s records over the years. Participation in the program is encouraged along with visits to the practice, preparing the patient for their Annual Wellness Visits, and assisting with scheduling patients into the practice to complete their Annual Wellness Visits. Senior Care will discuss any health concerns and share information with the primary care provider.

The Senior Care program is staffed by Nurse Practitioners and overseen by Senior Care Services. Chart notes from the visits with the patients will be sent to the primary care provider and uploaded as part of the medical record. The primary care provider will have access to all information shared during the Senior Care Services visit.

Source: Appalachian Regional Healthcare System