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36 Montford Avenue, Asheville

PROpel AVL is a professional growth and networking community offering events providing opportunities for growth in leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and networking. Community service opportunities are also available.

Are you a young professional eager to fast-track your career and unleash your leadership potential? Welcome to PROpel AVL – not just an organization but your dedicated partner on the journey to professional stardom.

Memberships include exclusive access to top-notch workshops, rockstar mentors, local employers seeking talent, and a community of fearless young professionals like yourself. We don’t just offer resources; we serve up opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re fresh out of school or making your mark, PROpel AVL has your back.

Programming includes: 

GROW Series

Part of the commitment to nurturing the growth and development of young professionals, GROW Series is an exciting opportunity for dynamic presenters to share their expertise. This professional development initiative is designed to provide young professionals with valuable insights, skills, and strategies to propel their careers forward.

The GROW Series focuses on offering a diverse range of educational topics tailored specifically to the needs of young professionals. It aims to inspire participants by helping them build essential skill sets and set meaningful goals for career advancement. The series seeks proposals from experienced presenters who can contribute unique perspectives and deliver actionable information that young professionals can apply in their work environments.

LEGO Coworking Days

Working independently has its perks, but co-working with a community of ambitious individuals takes productivity and positive energy to new heights! Hosted in collaboration with AVL Digital Nomads, our quarterly LEGO (Limitless Engagement Growth and Opportunity) Coworking Days provide a refreshing and collaborative space where young professionals can connect, thrive, and take their projects to the next level.

After Hours

Make professional and personal connections at our After Hours events! After Hours events are designed to break away from the conventional and provide a space where you can unwind, engage, and build relationships that extend beyond business hours.

Whether you’re seeking professional collaborations or simply looking to expand your social circle, After Hours events are where possibilities come to life. Unwind, connect, and make memories as you navigate the diverse landscape of personal and professional connections.

Awards Program

The new PROpel AVL Awards honor young professionals who have distinguished themselves in their profession or as leaders along with individuals who serve as mentors to young professionals in our community.

About the Awards:

  • Community/Public Service: This award honors an individual for their involvement in the community or for public service.
  • Trailblazer: This award honors an individual for outstanding leadership in their organization, industry, profession or the young professional community.
  • Innovation: This award honors an individual for creativity and innovation in business.
  • Mentor: This award honors an individual who serves as a mentor to young professionals in our community.